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Taking the first step to learn a new sport or movement practice can lead to exciting places.

A little more than twenty years ago, I flipped the fashion magazine page and saw an article about Pilates. It was pronounced "puh-laa-teez," I vividly remember reading. I was intrigued by this yoga/dance-like form of movement. Included were photos of classic Pilates moves explained. Few exercises (leg circles) reminded me of my childhood lying on the floor, pretending to be a synchronized swimmer by kicking and circling my legs in the air.

It was the late 90's; I was fresh out of college and newlywed. It would be a few years after reading the article that Pilates information or videos would be available. Brooke Siler's book "The Pilates Body" was my first access to the method, and I devoured it! Shortly after, I found Ana Caban and Mari Winsor videos and was delighted to see the moves in action instead of the static photographs.

I had no way of knowing as I practiced those videos in my little living room that it would lead me to become an instructor in my 30's. Years later, after moving to Baton Rouge, I finally had an opportunity to take sessions at a fully equipped studio. Only six months in, the owner asked me if I'd be interested in training to teach. I said yes without even thinking about it, SO unlike me. I'm a quiet person, I don't enjoy public speaking, but here I was saying yes to teaching others' movement.

Taking the simple first steps of reading and practicing with videos over twenty years ago lead to a path that honestly changed my life. I found a community of amazing people, developed the courage to take leaps I wouldn't have before, all while getting in the best shape of my life.

If there is a positive to 2020, it is the enormous opportunity people have to try new forms of movement. Whether Pilates, dance, or other workouts that you have been putting off, were intimidated by or lacked access to due to location. As instructors flock online to offer virtual classes, take advantage and signup. Who knows where that simple act could lead you.

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